"I meet Amy a few months back and she started working on my mare Maggie. Maggie has always been very tight in her shoulders and when you pet her near her withers her body would start to shiver (like there was a bunch of flys sitting on her ) her head would go up and she would back away also had a difficult time picking up one of her back feet as she had a hard time balancing. After the first adjustment I noticed that her head stayed relaxed when I would pet her, and she had a bit more freedom in her shoulders. We had 2 more adjustments and I could not believe the freedom Maggie was having in her shoulder, no more neck up and balanced when picking up her feet. She really steps out when riding and it is not a fight to get her to do a circle. Amy does have magic hands and a gentle way and uninvasive wayof approaching the horses, she is very professional with an amazing friendly manner that just draws you in. WE are now on a maintenance program with my horses (I forgot to Mention Tonto, who is as well do amazing from Amys adjustments, he also has benefited from having his back feet very close so he could keep his balance to standing with his feet at regular distance. He seems much more content and happy and have noticed hardly any jjigging when being ridden. As you notice this is a very lenghtly testimont and believe me I could go on and on as I feel Amy does an amazing job and brings such peace and balance back into the horses body . Thank you Amy for what you do and for who you are."

               Karen Maggie and Tonto, Chilliwack Aug 2012

"I recently imported stallions from Europe, as you can imagine to travel all the way across the world, the quarantine process and then a long haul before they finally getting home can be really stressful on some horses.

After having the horses a few days at home, I noticed that one of them didn't "feel right" so I call Amy to see if she could help him out. She was able to spot the issue with the first few steps and address the issue right away. When Amy came back the week to follow up, we were both able to notice that he was back to normal and didn't need further treatment. I would strongly recommend Amy for her knowledge, common sense and genuine care for the animal."

Jean-Francois Santerre Aug 2012

"Amy doesn't pretend to be "all knowing" or the be all end all.  She helps to locate the root cause and either fixes it if she can or exposes it so the right person for the job can:) I had my horse "treated" for a VERY long time before Amy helped to show that her issue was not in her body but coming from somewhere else.  Now, still thanks to her work, (and Dr Moats, thanks to her humility) she's sound!!"

                               Crista and Ebi, Langley July 2012

"When it comes to horsemanship, balance is essential.  As well as working towards a balanced state of mind, my horse’s physical balance is a top priority.  Amy Hay has been working with my herd of school horses at Silver Star Stables since the winter of 2011 and has restored their comfort and structural balance accurately and efficiently and has made it financially possible for me to provide them with her service.

On top of trusting Amy with my school horses, I have trusted her with my own personal horses as well, and now, after witnessing the positive, fast and effective results she’s shown, feel very confident in referring her to my clients.  Through Amy’s help restoring the physical comfort of many of the “problem” horses I’ve worked with since meeting her, I have been able to reach their minds a whole lot faster and help the horses to find comfort and security and a more balanced state of mind quickly.

Amy’s straight forward and empowering attitude and positive energy is a pleasure to be around and I believe this is one of the reasons she has been so successful in her work with my horses.  They are happy to let her work on them. I am very happy to write a recommendation for Amy Hay.  All horses deserve to do their jobs free of pain and discomfort and Amy is more than capable of making that possible."

Christa Miremadi,

Silver Star Stables and

Horsemanship from the Heart April 2012


"I've just got back from the best ride I've ever had on Naari. He was straight, forward and willing, with rhythmic paces and the nicest floating trot and effortless canter he's ever given me. All this after just a few sessions of your magic. Thank you so much!! No longer the awkward and reluctant guy. Now I know just how fabulous my pony is, thanks to you. I am quite overwhelmed by his awesomeness and stunned at how quickly you transformed him."


Sue and Naari, Aldergrove March 2012

"When I contacted Amy I was beginning to lose hope of having Roxy sound and happy again. She was irritable and cranky and unsound for riding.  Amy came and suggested some natural medicine and stretches that I could do with Roxy in addition to adjusting, my less than accomodating mare.  I know my Roxy must have been the worst patient ever! She was trying to kick and bite! Amy has a way with horses that is gentle, but also gets results!  I noticed improvement with Roxy within days! When Amy returned the following week it was amazing the progress Roxy had shown.  Within 4-weeks I was riding my Roxy again and her temperment had improved 100%!  I know Roxy will be okay now thanks to Amy!

Thanks again!!"

Barbie and Roxy, Fort Langley March 2012

"Here's your regular update on Jupi and Liss!  They are both looking great!  Thank you so much for all you've done for them so far!  Both have had bodywork done before, as I've mentioned, but frustratingly could not solve their issues.  The huge difference I see in your work is that you see the whole horse, in a way that distills issues down to a root cause (or two) instead of fussing over symptoms.  And therefore, your adjustments stick."

Carol Dymond at Silver Star Stables March 2012

"Hi Amy, I rode Roxy the past three days!!! She was great and today we even did a short canter. She pinned  her ears at first but then realised it didn't hurt any more and her ears went up! I'm SO happy! Thank you so much from Roxy and I"

Barbie and Roxy, Fort Langley March 2012

"Hi Amy,

You did it!  I rode Jupi today and for the first time in forever, he felt even in his front end!  I said to CJ who was in the arena at the time, "Amy made his legs the same length as each other again!".  :) "

Carol  and Jupiter, Aldergrove Feb '12

"Hi Amy,

Just giving you an update on Lissie since you saw her.  She was immediately happier and brighter after you worked on her, and when I brought her in on Friday (2 days after) I was immediately struck by how different her back looked - broader and flatter.  I was amazed at how different she felt under saddle - her back felt higher and broader (significantly), her trot was much freer and bigger, she traveled a straight line down the edge of the arena where she almost always veers in to the right, she was bending left better than she has been (although right is still easier). Before you saw her she had been dropping out on me with her hind, like she'd suddenly stepped in a hole, two or three times per ride, but that didn't happen at all. So we had two rides under saddle, and then I rode her bareback yesterday in the snow drifts, and there was no flinching, but we didn't ride for long, and only at the walk.

She has had 4 days of the remedy. Before you saw her she had one very sore rib on her left side which I can no longer get a pain reaction from putting the same pressure on as had produced a reaction before. Thank you!"

Carol Dymond and Lissie, Aldergrove Jan '12

"Hi Amy,

We just wanted to thank you for making such a difference in our animals lives.   Our new boy Otis had suffered from on and off lameness and as a result had very restricted movement.  After a couple of treatments with Amy,  he began to move much more freely, and carry himself in a much more balanced frame.  He can now pick up either lead at the canter, and no more cross-firing! 

While Amy was here, we asked her if she would mind giving our dog Bubba a treatment.  He had been hit by a car, and as a result prescribed an arthritis medication to help with his many aches and pains.  Again, after a couple of treatments, he could run and didn't seem to be in pain.  We have actually stopped his medication completely now, and he is more comfortable than he's ever been.  We honestly didn't think it could make such a difference for Bubba, and only wish we had known about Amy sooner!

Thank you Amy!"

Cat, Jay, Otis, and Bubba, Saltspring Island May '11

"I met Amy over a year ago when I called her to see what to do about my thoroughbred mare who had terrible back pain and body aches. Amy came and I noticed an immediate difference in my mare’s attitude. She travels straight and became pleasant to work with. She went from not being able to be ridden to being able to comfortably jump 3 foot courses.

Words can't explain how wonderful Amy has been. She is a pleasure to have at the barn. She is patient, calm, quiet and just an amazing person. I would refer her any time, any place for anybody’s horse."

Stacey and Nikki, Langley May '11


"Hi Amy!

Just wanted to let you know that today, two days after you treated her, Gem and I rode together for the first time in nine months, and - far better - she actually offered me her bare back to climb onto, wholeheartedly and without reservation, for the first time in the two years I've owned her.  I almost cried, I was so grateful!  Her eyes are brighter than I've ever seen them.  Thank you so much for bringing my girl back to me!  I'm looking forward to our next sessions... Thanks again,"

Kesia (and Gem (and Iggy!)) Maple Ridge, Mar '11

"Hi Amy, I just wanted to tell you about Drifter.

She has been doing so well collecting and after a couple of lessons with Tom Berry, we are loping more balanced and level. When she picks up her right, it is the smoothest of leads! It used to be the roughest, squarest side to have to ride.

Thank you so much for coming out to work with Drift. She is much happier now!" Ann and Drifter, Chilliwack Nov'10


"Thank you for coming out and fixing the boys. You do just a wonderful job and I enjoy the company, Thanks! I think your work is wonderful and I hope to have you come out to the farm for many more years to come.

take care and talk to you soon

Irene" Irene with Joey and Mack, Chilliwack  Oct'10

"My son's paint horse Rio was showing signs of some discomfort while being ridden.  He suddenly seemed unable to pick up the right lead, but had no problems with the left lead.  He began giving little skips when trotting to the right causing the rider to bounce onto the wrong diagonal while posting.  We changed saddles and tried resting him; neither produced any improvement.  I found Amy Shiel 'Gentle Hands' on the B.C. Horse Council web site.  She came out to our farm in Abbotsford, assessed and treated Rio.  I found her to be  professional, personable, extremely knowledgeable, interested and caring.  Rio responded well to her.  After two treatments, Rio is back to himself.  He moves with ease and shows no problem with either right lead canter or trotting to the right. 

We (especially Rio) are extremely pleased with Amy's work, approach and the results of the treatment rendered.  I highly recommend Amy - she has made a world of difference for Rio and ourselves."

Angela Zimmerling and Rio, Abbotsford  Sept '10

"Since Amy has been working with "Ayer Canada" his straightness and performance has significantly increased.

We would highly recommend her treatments. Thanks Amy!" "Shorty" and the McDougalls, Langley Sept '10

Shorty also qualified for the nationals at The Royal in November.


"I first had Amy come to work on my swaybacked 18yr old appendix gelding in the spring of 2010. I was mostly concerned about overall health and wellness, as he is aging, and thought it would be nice for him to have a treatment. I was surprised at how asymetrical he was in some areas, and he was also tight and sore in some other areas. During the treatment I noticed results instantly. I was very pleased with the first treatment. I rode him that evening and he was much more comfortable and seemed a lot happier at the canter on the left lead, where I had previously noticed some stiffness and reluctance to go. I had Amy come back a second time in September 2010. This time, there were some definite concerns. 2 weeks prior to her visit, Jake had gone lame. Head bobbing at the trot, but sound at the walk. We kept checking his legs and feet, but no abcess, no heat, no swelling.. we checked everywhere...nothing out of the ordinary. I hoped Amy would be able to find something, which she did. She came on a Friday, and returned the following day for follow up. He was better already. Sunday I lunged him and there was no more head bobbing! He seemed much more eager to go, comfortably. I'm so pleased with Amy's work, and how quickly I can see results in my boy. He is a lot more comfortable now and I will be continuing to have Amy come, so my gelding can remain comfortable in his jobs. I highly recommend Amy!! Thank you Amy!" Jayna Forgie and Jake, Victoria July '10

"Arizona sends a huge "Thank You!". She is a very happy girl after you adjusted her. I had an awesome lesson today on a very soft and swinging horse." Shannon and Arizona, Duncan  June '10


"Hi Amy,

Well, I put Jazz in the arena, and went to get a whip, and he exercised himself for about five minutes, running around like an orangutan, bucking, farting, spinning, galloping.  I should say he felt very fine! When he finally settled and we actually did some work, his trot was wonderful, full extension, and even a flick of the front hooves with each stride just to show off.  Absolutely no lameness on either lead. Thank you so much for working with him, he is like a new horse, and certainly feeling full of himself!

See you next weekend!

Sandy" Sandy and Jazz, Abbotsford  June'10

"Thanks Amy, for giving Fletch the best massage ever! He looked so happy after you where finished. Great profession you picked, You are the best at what you do!!!" Susanne and Fletch, Abbotsford June'10


"Thank you Amy, Was great to met you and your wonderful family, can't wait to have you back in 3 weeks!!! Chico says a great big THANK YOU as well!! He won two 4th's, one 5th and one 6th yesterday!!! A ribbon in every event we entered!!!! Must be your magic touch!!!"  Krissy and Chico, Courtenay May '10

"I can honestly say, I've never seen Handyman move so fluidly, so thank you very much for doing him last minute like that!" Rachel & Handyman, Langford May'10

"THANK YOU Amy!!!! You did a great job with my horse and I was even more amazed with Handyman's results! You STILL can't notice Handyman's limp with his hind leg at the walk which is amazing! I've never seen him look that good in a walk. He's much more willing to put weight on his bad leg, and is much more forward! We will be having you back for sure!" Rebecca & Checkers - Rachel & Handyman, Langford April'10

"Brody and I took our first ride since you have been here and what a difference! He is much happier with his adjustment and the new saddle. Even saddling him up was a pleasent experience- thank you!!!!" Shannon & Brody, Shawnigan Lake  April'10


"I had Amy come out to see Jake on friday evening. I had no idea what to expect, altho I was expecting something to be wrong with my boy. LOL turns out, he was dropping his left hip at trot, and his shoulders were uneven. His front right shoulder was set further back than his front left, which was doing alot of compensating. Well, a few movements here and there, and wow, I could literally see the difference!! I rode him that evening after she left, and I could FEEL the difference too.. he was so much more smoother going to the left, where he was so stiff before, and often would break from canter to trot. He seemed alot more relaxed and happier. She came back for a follow up, which was great. everything was still great! I'm so happy about this, I'll be having her back again that is for sure! Thanks so much Amy, I never realized what a difference this would make for him. I'd love for him to receive more treatments in the future" Jayna and Jake, Saanich

"Amy came and did my horses and they LOVED it. My 27 year old looks more comfortable than I've ever seen him and I think his blissed out expression while she was working speaks to how good it must have felt to him. I was completely taken with the whole process and was amazed to see better moving horses after such a short and enjoyable session. Thank you so much! I look forward to seeing you on your next trip over!" Jay and Bogart and Loka, Sooke


"Hi Amy,

Thank you so much for offering your services to the horses at Circle F Horse Rescue. I have seen how patient and gentle you are with all of them, and regardless of age or background they have all benefited from your kind and gentle touch.

You truly care about horse's well being!" Lucy and the Circle F Horses, Abbotsford

"Hi Amy,

Just wanted to let you know how great it was for Cali to have the massage. She is growing at such an outrageous rate that I am often unable to tell what she is supposed to look like. One week her head is massive and her back end is smaller than the rest of her. The next week it is the opposite or she displays some other disproportional combination of size for legs, head, front vs. back etc.    

Just prior to you giving her the massage I thought her misshapen appearance was due to this usual disproportional growth pattern.  Her back end was quite high and her back was slanting down to what looked like short front legs. After the massage I was astounded to see that her back had straightened out and her front and back end looked in proportion to one another. Later I also noticed that she was no longer limping while going down hills and her gait was fantastic.  She is supposed to be show dog and until the massage she was not looking good as a candidate for the conformation ring.  The massage has straightened things out and she is now looking very promising.  Most importantly of all though, she is bouncing around and seems to be pain free and a very happy puppy." 

Yours appreciatively,

 Fran Montgomery and Cali (AKA Cherrywood’s Raindancer) Vancouver