Animal Communication is an art that many are skeptical of,  but I think it intrigues everybody. My motto is to always have an open mind and you may just be pleasantly surprised.

I was having issues with my own horse, a terrible injury, leasers and saddle fit and he became an unhappy and very different boy. I was trying EVERYTHING and it got to the point that I would try anything and everything. Have you ever just wished your horse could talk to you?

Helen is a long time family friend is very intuitive and has a gift at seeing things others cannot. I had heard of animal communicators but never used one myself. I asked Helen, if I sent her a picture of my horse did she think she would be able to "see" anything. We gave it a try!

The result was AMAZING! She gave me an insight into what he was thinking and what he was feeling. Some may call me crazy but it made sense and amongst other things it really really helped!

I wanted to share this experience with my clients. Helen lives in the UK but would love to help horse owners everywhere. Through GENTLE HANDS, you can send Helen a photo of your Equine BFF and she will help you in anyway she can.

For your Own Reading, send a photo of your horse to Helen Gregory at

Once payment has been recieved your reading will be sent back to you...easy peasy!

Animal Comminication