Like humans, horses benefit from massage and adjustment. Think about how we feel after a Swedish massage or a visit to the chiropracter or just by doing some yoga. By implementing a care routine your horse can rediscover their true form and reach the potential you require from them.

If you notice and experience any of the following then a holistic treatment may indeed help both you and your horse.

Undiagnosed reoccuring lameness

Resisting taking a lead or stiffness in the neck or shoulders when turning in either direction

Disunited in the hind end during canter or dropping the canter

Resisting bending to one side or both

Fighting collection

Hollowing during transitions

Bucking and rearing

Head Tilting

Dislikes being saddled and sensitivity when groomed

Any changes in personality

If your horse has suffered an injury or fall, then immediate treatment can alleviate pain and discomfort and help speed up the healing process. Regular competing and travelling can also place a strain on muscles and joints that can be alleviated by regular treatments. Homeopathy can also prevent swelling and bruising and promote healing. Feel free to call for any advice following a fall or any sort of trauma. 

For the more mature horses, an equine therapy program can aleviate aches and pains, help rebuild muscles and generally make life more comfortable, while continuing to allow them to be ridden and enjoy life to the fullest. There are also numerous homeopathic remedies that will help them achieve the most from from life.