Amy Shiel (Amy married!)

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I am a well travelled Scot who has finally settled in Vancouver, Canada after travelling and living in China for 2 years. We moved to Vancouver in May 2009 and our son was born August 2009.

I can travel anywhere within British Columbia though have been known to go further afield.

I began reiki-ing horses in 2008 with great results and expanded on this as and when required. As the demand grew I spent time in Colorado, USA with the Prairie Winds Equine Therapy College, specializing in Myo Fascial adjustments and massage.

We recently moved to Langley so I am now in the heart of horse country and am also a horse owner to boot! The new addition to the family, my gorgeous daughter Iona, meant we needed more space so where else to move but the country!? I live with a mad squirrel chasing husky called Lupe, a mouse hunting cat called Zen, my long suffering husband Scott my 30 month old son Callum and of course the newest member Iona. Lupe and Zen came to Canada with us from China and are loving their new home. I have left the hectic hustle and bustle of the commercial world to focus on my son and working with horses. I have been known to treat not only horses but fellow humans, dogs and the occasional cat too!

In addition to working with horses I also volunteer at various horse shelters and adoption facilities throughout


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